King Mizo is the artist formerly known as Unknown Mizery. had this to say about Unknown Mizery, "As a man of many hats, the Guerilla Music emcee is a certified producer, beat maker, radio show producer, entrepreneur, film maker, activist, humanitarian, community builder and even more that. His ventures expand well past the borders of Canada and the GTA, and he’s one of the first Canadian rappers to find consistent work and fandom overseas; and that started well before Drake put the spotlight on Toronto." A pioneer in the music and social impact field of web3, King Mizo and his outfit Guerrilla Music have been trailblazing through the Metaverse, NFT and crypto spaces since early 2020. As an early adopter, King Mizo is once again ahead of the pack. King is more than a Rapper, he is also a Producer, DJ, event host, Radio Host, Documentarian, web3 Thought Leader, community activist and educator. Notable appearances and accolades include headlining tours across Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America. Appeared on three lead singles for the JUNO nominated album “DIMSUM” distributed by Fat Beats, Groove Attack, Chamber Music,, Sargent Records and several indie labels across the globe. Featured on MTV Canada, Much Music, NoJumper, and more. Resident DJ at Decentral.Games Hosted radio shows on Atlantic FM in Athens, Greece, and Rukus Avenue/DASH Radio in LA. King Mizo changed his name from Unknown Mizery in 2020 to stay out of a box. He wanted to create music that was genre-less, so he did. He didn’t want to be followed by the energy of Mizery, so now they call him King.

Who is King Mizo

KOHINOOR KING (Conception Story)
Album is a work in progress

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What is Kohinoor King

King Mizo, formerly known as Unknown Mizery is working on the album of a lifetime. Not only the concept for the album came to him in a dream but the sounds, the melodies, the instruments and some of the words and rhymes in the songs. He dreamt he was at the center of a room full of faceless people that were excited and vibing to music. He realized he was at a listening party for the album he would create. He woke up and furiously wrote down everything he could remember. Every sound and word, he hummed the melodies into the voice recording app so he wouldn’t forget. The album will be called The Kohinoor King.

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Drops on July 12th

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King Mizo is dropping a new single called I Gave You Power from the anticipated album Kohinoor King. The track pays homage to the 1996 classic by Nas, I Gave You Power. In his song Nas raps in first-person narrative from the perspective of a gun, whereas King Mizo is technology. This lyrically powerful song tells a tale of mankind's relationship with technology, for the good and the bad. We are reminded that whoever holds the technology dictates the outcome.




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