Empowering communities through art, tech, consent and

We focus on Black, Brown, Indigenous, essentially all People of Color and Female artists, musicians, developers, and entrepreneurs working on the Blockchain. Our mission is to highlight and empower amazing and talented people through access and equality. We strive to lead the way in building a strong, diverse community that we feel is currently missing in the Blockchain tech space.



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From the Barrio to the Blockchain

We believe in the blockchain as a means to create access, autonomy, and decentralization which will nurture community and artistic empowerment.

While we watch mass adoption across the globe, we realize that many artists and creatives will not be able to access the blockchain tech due to a lack of resources, infrastructure, and finances.

To create a blockchain world that is encompassed by all walks of life and love, we decided to color the blockchain.

We know that NFT's can give artists freedom and a means to live off their art. We also know that the understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies can uplift community and bring real world revenue into the hands of those who need it most.

We want to bring this empowerment to the world, one barrio at a time.

We want to raise the funds to empower 33 community artists, advocates, and leaders with an Each One, Teach One mentality.

Let's start with Accra, Ghana as our first stop.


  • Get high quality laptops or iPads for 33 folk form Accra.

  • Get those 33 people Internet cards that will last for 1 year.

  • Get those artists/people into a free live video course that will teach the basics of wallets, NFT’s, and blockchain tech.

  • They will leave the course with a crypto wallet, their first minted NFT, and some basic information to get them started on their journey. They will also leave with a promise to Each One, Teach One.

We would need to raise

  • 33 Computers ($2000 x 33 = $66,000)

  • Shipping costs - $2000

  • Internet for a year $650 CAD rounded up per person (Household) - unlimited GHANAwifi

  • Total = $68650 

  • Any extra funds will be put right back into our international initiative and be pushed through to the funding round of our 2nd city - Mumbai, India.

Past events

Season 2021 Live from the Blockchain! A